Dr. Wolfe was not able to meet with Marie and me this week because she had a plane to catch. But yesterday, she gave us a grommet making kit to possibly use for attaching the normals to the pants. Marie and I then met to follow up on what we had completed since last week.

Marie did some shopping and bought some sturdy elastic bands, as well as some fabric, which were excellent for the normals. The fabric was cut into small squares with a hole that the straws would go through. We then attached the squares to the elastic bands to complete the normal prototype (see picture for further clarification).

I also was able to go home and acquire front and side footage of myself walking on a treadmill in black pants with front and back pleats like the pants in our design. I am still working to get the side video off of my phone, but as soon as I get all of the footage on my computer, we’ll have what we need to sync the two videos together.

Next week, I will not be able to meet with Dr. Wolfe and Marie, but I will be updated on our next plans of action afterwards.