It’s been a hectic past few weeks what with all the finals happening; but at last, the last quarter has finally ended.  Since creating a role shift for Paula was our primary goal, I abandoned working on the walk cycle so that I could create a rough draft of Paula performing a role shift.  June 1st was the last meeting we all had and the last meeting before that was May 11th (NATO prevented us from meeting one of those weeks, and some unforeseen circumstances prevented us from meeting during the other times), so we weren’t really able to okay a draft of our work at an earlier time.

For Paula’s role shift, I wasn’t able to make a complete version, as some of the movement was very difficult to edit.  But my process of creating a role shift for Paula was what some people might call “creative?”  Earlier in the year, Marie and I had acquired footage of my legs performing a roles shift while wearing our “body normals.”  While this was very helpful, the footage didn’t show my upper body, so I wasn’t able to see what that looked like.  So what I ended up doing was taking a recording of myself, in shorts and a sports bra for the sake of seeing all of the body movement, performing a role shift several times.

I found a 4-second span where I performed a role shift to the left and then to the right, so I did a screen capture of each frame of that time segment and ended up with exactly 60 frames.  I then took the file for Paula’s role shift and made it 60 frames so I could try to match each frame in the animation with the reference frames from my video.  Since none of the movement in the body happens at the same exact time, I then created an excel table with different body parts and their movements and their corresponding frames – that way, when I was working with the animation, I could look at the excel table and then refer to the reference frames to see the relative positioning of whatever body part I was currently animating.  I forwarded the excel table and the reference frames to Dr. Wolfe for future use or reference as I will no longer be using them.

But without further ado, here is the final video of Paula’s role shift:


Last week, Marie and I met with Dr. Wolfe and showed our progress on further editing our walk cycles.  Since the previous week, I’ve added movement to the hips and shoulders to make the movement look more realistic.  However, there are a few things that still need editing, most notably the fact that Paula’s left hand is passing through the pants.  

Here’s a link of the further edited walk cycle from the front:

We will not be meeting this week (Week 8) because the downtown campus is closed due to the NATO summit happening.  However, what Marie and I are currently working on is further editing our walk cycles, but now our main goal is to create an animation of Paula successfully role shifting.

Marie was out of town for the latest meeting, and I was out of town for the previous meeting. Anyway, when I met with Dr. Wolfe, I had made progress on the walk cycle for Paula so far, but it wasn’t complete because I hadn’t added movement to the head or torso. However, I did figure out how to make inverse kinematics work with Paula’s legs, which made animating the walk cycle much easier. Since this update is a little late, I’ll be posting another entry about progress from this week during the weekend.

Here are a couple avi files with my walk cycle so far, just follow the links to view them.

Marie and I met with Dr. Wolfe and we discussed the Final Report that’s due by May 4th.  Neither Marie nor I had finished with our new walk cycles due to other classes keeping us busy, but we’re still making progress with them.  I’m currently working on dealing with some technical difficulties I’m experiencing with 3Ds Max 2012; once I resolve  the issue, I’ll be able to work more effectively on my walk cycle.

I’ll be out of town this coming Friday, but I’ll follow up with Marie and Dr. Wolfe over the weekend so I can find out what I missed.

Marie and I met with Dr. Wolfe today and we discussed our current progress on the walk cycle for Paula.  Marie has put together a very good start for a walk cycle for Paula (picture below) and what we plan to do for this coming week is to work separately on two different walk cycles where we’ll tweak the movement of Paula’s hips and torso to make the movement look more realistic.  What I also hope to do (though I might encounter problems when I try) is change the system of movement for Paula’s legs, switching from Forward Kinematics to Inverse Kinematics, which would be infinitely helpful in making the walk cycle more realistic without having to do hours of additional tweaking.

Next week, we’ll both show our results to Dr. Wolfe and work from there.

As last Friday was good Friday, the school was closed so Marie and I could not meet with Dr. Wolfe last week.  We will, however, meet this Friday to resume our work.

This week, Marie and I met with Dr. Wolfe. Spring break just ended this past week, and before that, Marie and I had our hands full with final projects.

Dr. Wolfe, Marie, and I agreed to officially resume our capstone next week or the one after that since this coming week is Good Friday. What we plan on working on then is making a walk cycle for Paula and going from there.